Waste Not, Want Not

Keep it Real Wednesday

Waste Not, Want Not

July 8, 2020

Many of us grew up with parents who survived the depression era and have heard the term “waste not, want not” throughout our childhood years.

But what exactly does it mean?

Well, to Rosemary it means to keep a little something aside for others, even our furry friends.

Each morning as Rosemary eats her oatmeal, milk and two slices of white toast lathered in butter and jam, she carefully saves[jh1]  the crust for the squirrels in the yard.  

The squirrels perch in the trees watch her eat breakfast and eagerly await the bounty to be placed on their picnic table.

Her daily offering is happily accepted by many of our backyard friends. It’s a small gesture and it matters to Rosemary. 


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