1700 Miles

As we prepare to launch the Blessing Bike 2.0 (more information to follow), I have been reflecting on this incredible journey.

As many of you may know, the Blessing Bike started as a 92nd birthday present for Rosemary.  The garage-built rag tag bike was spray painted Rosemary’s favorite color blue and complete with seats made with thrift store shower curtains and plywood floor.  This beloved bike soon evolved into a small all-volunteer nonprofit to help others have the same experience.

38 bikes were made in our garage in about 17 months.  It still blows my mind.

Today, I did some rough math.  

Rosemary and I have been riding this bike together for 96 weeks in all seasons and weather. If we average 18 miles a week (conservative estimate), that is well over 1700 miles we have ridden. If we put that on a map, we could travel from Boise, Idaho to Cleveland, Ohio.

That’s a lot of miles on that little bike.

Most of the miles have been filled with smiles and joy.  Some have been full of tears and fears. Others have been reflective and quiet.

But one thing is for certain, some of our best conversation, the most heartfelt thoughts have taken place on that bike.

I am grateful and blessed.

Here’s to the 1700 miles or so behind us, and whatever miles we may have left in front of us.

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