Plant a seed

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Plant a seed

Keep it Real Wednesday

June 17, 2020

Plant a seed

This morning as I watched Rosemary eat breakfast, I giggled at her routine of saying “Good Morning” to her wee little plant.  Faithfully she waters it every morning with a few drops of water as she eats her oatmeal.

Rosemary loves her little plant!

Back in March, before we were all quarantined to our homes, I took Rosemary to a little Irish pub called The Harp.  The owner Jamie was busy preparing her little pub for St. Patrick’s Day and was watering a few very tiny plants she ordered special from Ireland and grew from seed.  She wanted to give them to special patrons on St. Patrick’s Day.

I introduced Jamie and Rosemary and told Jamie that Rosemary was a full-blooded Irish gal and they became fast friends. They talked and hugged, and Jamie decided to gift her one of her special shamrock plants.  Rosemary was thrilled.

That little plant represents a lot to Rosemary.

It represents her Irish heritage.  It represents the kindness of a stranger.  The wee plant also gave her something to nurture.  Most importantly, it is a reminder to be open to new friendships and experiences.

Here’s to Jamie and all the other seed planters who make this world a better place through tiny acts of seed planting, literally and figuratively.

We need more people like Jamie in this world.

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