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Simpler Times

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Simpler Times

Keep it Real Wednesday

May 27, 2020

Simpler times

Last night Wade and I heard strange noises outside our home about 10:30 at night.  Wade decided to go investigate and then quickly ran back into the house giggling and asked me to join him outside on the front lawn.

What we saw was the product of good old-fashioned teenager mischief.  Our neighbors tall, honey locust tree was covered in toilet paper. We both laughed as we watched the sheets flowing in the night wind as it brought us back to simpler times. The toilet paper bandits seemed to notice our joy at their handiwork because they circled around and offered a roll for us to throw as well.  Boy, were we tempted!

Our neighbors were less than thrilled and found out who the culprits were and made them clean it up.  This morning, not a spec of toilet paper remained on their manicured yard.

Frankly I will miss the sheets blowing in the breeze. A symbolism of simpler times.

This morning, I shared the escapade with Rosemary and asked if she had mischievous moments like that as a teenager.  She said “Of course! I could throw a toilet paper roll in the tree just as good as any boy in the neighborhood”.

Suddenly her face changed a bit with a very naughty grin as she reflected on her teenage years, she said “the toilet paper was fun but the kissing games like Post Office, Flashlight and Spin the Bottle were better”.  The thought of my mother in the 1940’s playing spin the bottle made me giggle.

Here’s to throwing toilet paper in trees, learning to kiss by flashlights and spinning empty coke bottles.

Pictured:  Rosemary and her gang of buddies in the early 40’s and the display of talented toilet paper yard art 2020

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