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Happy Nurses Day

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Happy Nurses Day

Keep it Real Wednesday

May 6, 2020

Happy Nurses Day

Nurses Day 2020 has taken on an entirely different meaning this year under the current global health crisis.   

I would like to dedicate this post to nurse’s past, present and future.  I would especially like to highlight the nurses we have failed to recognize over the years, and to the nurses that selflessly and tirelessly care for people.

In our family, we have 5 nurses, all working in different capacities…

Rosemary’s daughter Judy is a newly retired nurse after dedicating 45 years to the profession.  Judy was a champion for the marginalized as a public health nurse for the bulk of her career.  She then transitioned to case management towards the end of her career providing much-needed guidance to people leaving hospital care.  Judy’s is known for her resolve and willingness to always see things through.

Rosemary’s son in law Wade is a nurse of 30 years.  The Air Force jump started his passion when he worked as a medic and then transitioned into civilian nursing and then nursing school.  Wade’s passion has been the operating room where his ability to see the big and small vantage points of surgical care, as well as his gift of keeping things running smoothly has impacted his silent patients for decades.  Most patients will likely never know the exceptional care he has provided while they have been undergoing surgical procedures.

Rosemary’s granddaughter Amanda is a nurse in St. Louis.  Amanda is currently working in the ER of a large metropolitan hospital and is on the front lines of covid-19.   Amanda’s strength, knowledge and tenacity of spirit impacts her patients daily.   Emergency Room nursing is fast paced, multi- faceted and tough.  From my vantage point as her mother, all roads in Amanda’s life have led her to this point to provide this type of care, comfort and help to others.  Amanda is a warrior.

Rosemary’s granddaughter Ivana is a chemotherapy nurse in Las Vegas. Ivana’s gentle and soft demeanor are exactly what cancer patients need during this time of their lives. In the middle of a pandemic with her own very young children at home, Ivana cares for those who receive this life-saving treatment.  Ivana is an angel to many.

Finally, Rosemary’s granddaughter Morgan is in nursing school and is challenged to get the best education she possibly can during a pandemic without the benefit of clinical classes or gathering as a group for projects and simulations.   Morgan will graduate in the next year and will need to decide her own path, which will be revealed. 

When Amanda graduated from nursing school, her Aunt Judy gave Amanda a small plaque as shown in this picture.  It was given to Judy by a patient in the 1970’s and Judy passed it along to Amanda.  Amanda tucked it away in a box of her special things she has kept at our house.

I wanted to share it with you today and add a single line to that prayer.  Thank you, God, for all the nurses who are Your eyes, Your hands, Your voice and Your love for us each day.


Happy Nurses Day

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