Keep it Real Wednesday

April 29, 2020


The word forgiveness has been haunting me this past week, like a smudge on my glasses that I just can’t quite clean and it is always in my vision.  If we are honest, we all know our own Achilles heel, and mine is forgiveness, or perhaps, lack of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult gifts to give ourselves or others, especially when those who harm us do not seek it.  But it can be the most precious gift to ourselves as well.

How do we get to a place of ultimate forgiveness and acceptance?

When I take an honest look at Rosemary, it is evident that she does not carry a lack of forgiveness for anyone, even herself.  Of course, she has been hurt over the years.  She has been wronged. She has been upset with herself for decisions she may have made.  These are all human experiences.

 I asked Rosemary directly, how do you have such forgiveness for everything and everyone in your life?

Rosemary said, “It is easy”. “Never let yesterday define your tomorrow and never sacrifice today because of yesterday”.  She then said, “You have to let things go. It will poison your soul”.

During this time of shelter in place and being home, we all have time for reflection and self-improvement.  

My time will be working on forgiveness, starting with myself for being unforgiving with myself and then I will work toward forgiving my enemies and world leaders – and everything in between.  That’s a hefty dish but heck…I have time.

What will be yours?

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