Congratulations Class of 2020

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Congratulations Class of 2020

Keep it Real Wednesday

April 23, 2020

Congratulations Class of 2020

Yesterday I heard some loud, joyous music with screams of delight echoing through our neighborhood.  Curiosity got the best of me and I took a short drive to see where this music was coming from.

I found the source about ½ mile from our home. I put Rosemary on the Blessing Bike and rode back up to the epicenter of all the joy – the parking lot of Centennial High School!  

The scene at the high school was overwhelmingly celebratory, unified and strong. The faculty lined the parking lot and cheered as graduating seniors rode through the celebration in their cars to pick up graduation items (they will likely never wear except in a family photo) handed to them through a car window.  Faculty were waving signs and pom poms, ringing bells and yelling in bullhorns.  There was even a mobile DJ blasting music which made everything a little more joyous as everyone danced and sang.

We were uninvited visitors to this gathering, and everything was blocked off to all cars, except graduating seniors.  Luckily, since we were on the Blessing Bike, we had full access to the celebration.

It was a moment that touched both of our souls forever.  

Rosemary was honored to be the token Grandma and waved frantically to all the students in the cars as their names were announced and the faculty cheered as they drove by.  A few students pointed to Rosemary and wiped tears from their eyes as they longingly looked at Rosemary cheering them on, as if they were missing the experience with their own Grandma.

Congratulations class of 2020 everywhere.

This is a defining moment in history for you and you are adjusting to a different world.

We are so proud of you and celebrate with you.

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