Keep your JOY

Keep it real Wednesday

Keep your JOY

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

I was telling Rosemary this morning that it is tremendously hard to continue to write weekly blogs when our world is in so much turmoil right now with COVID-19.  How do we continue to live life as normal in the middle of a pandemic?

Her response was:  How do we not?

That hit me like a brick.

I have been feverishly planning for all scenarios that could happen, thinking of ways to support my family, neighbors and community, glued to news reports… The loss, pain and fear is very real.   However, in going through these emotions, I believe I have sacrificed my joy along the way.

New flash!

We don’t have to do that.  We don’t have to lose our joy in a crisis.

Rosemary said it best this morning.  “We just need to be smart within the guidance we are given and live each day with joy”.  She has asked me to challenge you to somehow find your joy in all of this and keep it sacred every day. 

She also asked that we find time to “BE STILL” within our hearts.

As far as riding the bike, Rosemary’s request is to keep riding, although we will do so less frequently and wisely.  Rosemary will wear a mask and we will ride in areas not around people.   The bike gives her one more way to keep her joy alive and spread joy to others.

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