What a time to be alive right now!

What a time to be alive right now

At 93 years old, Rosemary has been through many world crises. She has survived world wars, a depression, and economic recessions and do you know what her insight is? In Rosemary’s own words “Anything can be overcome if everyone takes care of each other.  To the next generation, this is your time in history.  Make your decisions wisely and do in your heart what you know is right”

Rosemary has often shared the story of her family feeding stranger’s bowls of oatmeal out on the back porch during the great depression. Her mother would make an extra bowl and share what little they had in order to help her community. Rosemary also shared pooling together their flour and butter rations to ensure a local wedding was able to make a wedding cake and feed their guests.

What is currently happening in this world is scary and sometimes feels difficult to comprehend, but you know what? We’ve done this before. Rosemary’s generation survived their tough times in the 30s &40s with the generosity of their community and looking out for one another. 

Check on your older neighbors, pick up extra supplies at the store for the unexpected donation you’ll make in the future, and SHARE your bowls of oatmeal with others. 

The only way we are going to get through this is to get through it TOGETHER. Well, 6 feet apart that is 🙂

We can do this.

(Pictured:  Rosemary sporting her Blessing Bike facemask made by a friend)

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