It’s all in the name

A year and a half ago, when the first story about the little bike we built for Rosemary aired on our local KTVB channel, the news anchor suggested we come up with a name for our bike. I had little time to collaborate with others and instead just blurted out to her… THE BLESSING BIKE.

There, it just happened. Really and truly.

Well, sort of. There was an inspiration behind it all.

When our kids were growing up, we made up our own tradition of a “blessing bowl” for each birthday.  Each family member would have 3 or 4 scrolls of thoughtful personal intentions for the birthday recipient and put them in the bowl for the person to read.  Tears were shed, hugs shared, and we treasured these precious moments.  Then, after the birthday, the scrolls were placed in a large glass family jar that is in our front room, to remind us every day upon entering and leaving the house how much we are blessed with love.  The bowl is our visual reminder of LOVE.

So, when I had to come up with a name, I thought of our family tradition of the bowl and blurted out “Blessing Bike”. 

You see, the bike is a visual reminder of LOVE too.  When people observe the elderly, or persons with medical barriers being peddled around on the bike, they smile at the love they witness.  People honk, wave, grin and will often stop and ask questions or ask for a hug.

The Blessing Bike is often a reminder to be in the moment, to cherish, to connect, to love. 

The Blessing Bike…..wheels that move the soul.  It is all in the name.

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