Keep it Real Wednesday

January 22, 2020


Over the weekend, my son Nick and I reminisced about his favorite memories he has shared with his Grandma Rosemary. Nick lives nearby in Boise and stops by at least once a week for hugs, snuggles and stories. He loves his Gram very much. 

Rosemary has been a part of our family unit and household since the day we brought Nick home from the hospital in 1997. Life with Gram is all Nick and our daughter Amanda have ever known. 

Out of all the memories 22+ years have created, Nick said his favorite was, “AGAIN”. 

When Nick was a small boy, he LOVED to dance. He especially loved mimicking Michael Flatley of Riverdance. Nick couldn’t imagine a better dance partner than his favorite playmate, Gram. They would listen to Riverdance over and over and he would dance in oversized shoes with Gram by his side.  When the song finished, he would say “AGAIN” and she would joyfully dance with him again – and again – and again. There was always time, always a cheerful yes and she was always present. Our family still shouts “AGAIN” to see Nick and Gram’s face light up with joy from that blissful memory. 


As you near the end of your life my sweet Gram, I want to shout from the rooftops AGAIN, but I can’t do that to you.

When the time comes and heaven calls to you, the Lord of the Dance will be there for the AGAIN for the final encore.

Our dances were just a warm up.

Your riverdance partner forever,


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