Keep it Real Wednesday

January 15, 2020


What is it about The Blessing Bike that makes people feel happy and smile?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell you what my experience has been.

During the last 18 months of peddling Rosemary around on the bike nearly every day, I have watched the waves of smiles ripple through Meridian and Boise. We get honks,  giggles, frantic and happy waves and some second looks of disbelief that have almost caused accidents.

What is it that makes people smile?

I think it is the outward expression of connecting with another individual. It is saying I am not giving up on this human being and am going to find ways to create joy and memories together. It creates hope, purpose and just plain fun.

In our world where we can so easily become disconnected, the blessing bike creates a connection.  It generates a space where only the rider and passenger exist alongside each other. It makes memories together. 

My mother craves bike rides now and I believe the anticipation of a bike ride keeps her going from day to day. I know she loves riding the bike, waving to people and experiencing the outdoors, but what does Rosemary like the most? I believe she just likes being with me. Simply me and her. No phones. No interruptions. Just gentle conversations between the two of us as we explore the outdoors. 

In those moments, I am not her caregiver. I am just her daughter.

I would love to see Blessing Bikes everywhere for all families who have members struggling with age, health or disability to have the same experience I do.  It truly is a magical bike. But, if you can’t own a blessing bike, I would encourage you to find your blessing bike of sorts. A way to connect, engage, be present and share space with those you love.

In my experience, it’s all about the connection.

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