Nosy Rosie

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Nosy Rosie

Keep it Real Wednesday

January 8, 2020

Nosy Rosie

My mother has always had a sense of wanting to know things. She calls it inquisitive and helpful; others see her as caring and sweet. I do believe she is all those things but sometimes, well, she is just plain nosy.

When Wade and I were newly married we lived in a small duplex. One Sunday afternoon we decided to take advantage of a few free hours and do what newly married couples do when they are without commitment and home alone.  

Suddenly, we heard a knock on the front door and my mother yelling “Yooo Hoo, anyone home”?  We promptly ignored her knocks and shouting but the greetings kept going with a very persistent tone.

Soon, we heard the sliding glass door open in the back of the house and Wade quickly covered up and ran into the kitchen. There stood my mother, face to face with my nearly naked husband, her mouth wide open, stuttering for something to say when she realized she had clearly interrupted us.

The only thing she could get out of her mouth at that time was “Oh crap, go back and finish”. She scurried out the sliding glass door as quickly as she entered (which Wade locked right after her exit).

To her credit, that never happened again. Rumor has it that she went home and talked to my Dad who was dumbfounded by her actions and made her promise to never do that again.

We still giggle about the day Nosy Rosie crossed the line. Literally.

(Disclaimer….. this message has been Rosemary approved 😊)

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