The Right Gift

Keep it Real Wednesday

December 11, 2019

The Right Gift

At just 14 days before Christmas, many of us are scrambling to find the right gift for those we love. We are waiting in lines for $9 candle sales, eagerly watching for the Amazon delivery truck, and searching our brains for the things that would make our loved ones feel loved and appreciated.

What is the perfect gift?

This past weekend, Rosemary experienced a gift she will treasure always. It was the gift of time. It was the gift of being present in someone’s life.

Rosemary’s granddaughter Shelby flew in from Arizona for the weekend to introduce Gram to her boyfriend Andrew, the love her of life. Together they giggled on the couch, rode the bike to feed the ducks and look at Christmas decorations, browsed through old photos as they journeyed down memory lane, sat in church holding hands in worship, and laid in bed together telling stories and cuddling. 

What Shelby and Andrew gave Rosemary was the gift of being present and sharing their lives with her.   In Rosemary’s owns words she said, “You make me feel young, especially when you share your lives and futures that has since passed me by. I am so grateful”.

In these days where life goes by at warp speed, the most precious present we can offer those we love is to be fully present, engaged and to share time together.

This weekend was the exactly the right gift at the exactly the right time for Rosemary

Thank you, Shelby and Andrew,

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