Keep it Real Wednesday

November 13, 2019


Today, we celebrate 40 weeks of this blog and I can’t find a better way to celebrate than paying homage to Rosemary’s Mother and my grandmother, Marie Josephine Sweeny O’Malley.

Marie was born in Ireland in 1890 and raised in an orphanage until she was 18 years old.  She then immigrated by herself to the United States to find work as a nanny.  Marie was very prideful of her Irish roots and heritage, as was my Mom too – except for one little detail.

Marie spoke with a thick Irish brogue.  Over time her brogue faded a bit, but some words forever remained distinctly Irish.

For instance, the word FORTY was never pronounced FOURty.  It was FARTy….

Rosemary said living on FARTy FARTH (44th) street in Cleveland was a challenge growing up.  I can still hear the words in my head as I type this, and it makes me giggle.

So, cheers to Marie Josephine Sweeny O’Malley as we celebrate the FART tieth (40th)blog.  Thank you all for supporting the Blessing Bike, for caring for each other on our care provider journey and for reading the weekly and often raw peeks into our lives.

Much love, Jill

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