Lady of Spain

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lady of Spain

There are so many aspects of the Blessing Bike that I love.  Providing Rosemary an opportunity to experience the outdoors is a gift to us both but I must say one of my favorite parts of the blessing bike is the stories she shares, some of which I have never heard before.  Personally, I think when her mind relaxes on the bike, the flood of memories starts rolling….

The ride yesterday was no exception.

While I was peddling Rosemary on her ride, she talked about the day she married my Dad in Cleveland and how they took the train to Chicago for their honeymoon. She had never been to Chicago and together they enjoyed a nice dinner and went to see a show.  After their show, they went back to their hotel room to – well – you know…… consummate their vows.  She told me was nervous about the whole thing but then something happened to break the ice they never forgot.

Just in the middle of their throws of passion, a band started practicing next door.  You see, money was tight back then and the hotel was directly next to an auditorium (their room shared the wall) and a band was in full practice mode.  Apparently, they were practicing a piece and kept playing it over and over, and over again.  That song was “Lady of Spain”.

When we got home from our bike ride, I found the song and played it for her.  She immediately blushed, then smiled and said, “That’s the song”, and winked at me.  She then sat there for a moment and quietly reminisced.  I left the room to see her drying a tear.

Here to many more rides, stories, reliving memories, making new memories and living life to its fullest. (a link to “Lady of Spain”

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