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Keep it Real Wednesday September 4, 2019 “Home” (by Amanda and Nick)


It looks different to many people. This week, we have a busy house with Nick and Amanda, their significant others and the grand fur children. Nick and I (Amanda) want to paint a picture for you. This is what HOME looks like to us…

Grandma is sitting in her usual spot, next to the window. She can’t hear much of the chatter around the room, but she smiles with content knowing her family is gathered around. Nick is sitting next to her, finger picking at his guitar. We all stare off in the distance, hypnotized by music he composes. Grandma can feel the hum of Nicks guitar and squeezes his leg as a tear runs down her cheek. She loves when Nick plays his guitar.
Amanda is laying in her spot on the couch. The same worn leather couch that held her since her was a child. She looks around the room trying to soak up every look, smell and experience to take back with her to St Louis. Living away from home hurts sometimes, but it is getting the chance to come back that makes it that much sweeter. Dorothy had it right – there is no place like home.

Mid-sentence in a random conversation, grandma pipes up and says, “Do you know the saying ‘the hair of the dog’?” She explains when you get ‘pickled’ from the night before and wake up the next morning with a hangover, you take a shot to get rid of your hangover – calling it the hair of the dog. Everyone giggles and resumes the previous conversation. Grandma can’t hear when others are talking, nor can she see, but her flashback intermissions are always loved in our home.

Home is the feeling of being surrounded by the ones you love. Home is the squeeze of Grandma’s hand at church during her favorite song. Home is the rattling of walls from Dad’s power tools in the garage. Home is being force fed homemade food from your mother, paired with to go Tupperware. Home is where we can breathe.

To us, home is when we are all together. It doesn’t happen as often as it once did, but when we do get the chance to gather – it fills our heart with warmth.

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