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The “Reveal” anniversary

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The “Reveal” anniversary

Keep it Real Wednesday

August 7, 2019

The reveal anniversary

One year ago, on August 10, 2018, our story started when we presented Rosemary with the bike Wade made for her 92nd birthday.   Rosemary hopped on the bike and has ridden nearly every day.

What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.

In November 2018, Maggie O’Mara of KTVB entered our lives and produced a story about Rosemary and her bike.  Word started to spread quickly about this unusual passenger bike that was such a blessing to Rosemary. Maggie suggested we name the bike, so it was swiftly named the “The Blessing Bike”, reflecting the impact on Rosemary’s life.

The story of Rosemary and her bike continued to spread (NowThis! Yahoo, Inside Edition, Dearly and Steve Harvey Show) and people showered us with stories about their loved ones and how a Blessing Bike could transform their lives the way it has impacted Rosemarys. 

These stories touched our hearts.

In December 2018, “The Blessing Bike” not for profit corporation, was formed and many people offered their assistance.  A neighbor designed the logo, a friend built and maintains the website, free business and legal advice were offered and so many other wonderful offers which represents the absolute best in humanity.  

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the big reveal of Rosemary’s Bike – the bike that has changed and extended her life in ways we never knew possible.

The first Blessing Bike was delivered on Christmas Eve 2018 to a remarkable family in Boise. Since that time, 24 Blessing Bikes have been built in 8 months with an all-volunteer group in the garage. This wave of blessings continues to ripple throughout our community to help those with age, health or disability related barriers. The generosity of Idahoans during the “Idaho Gives” campaign in May enabled us to donate 3 bikes to veteran’s homes across Idaho and partially scholarship a few families as well.  

Every good thought, every smile and honk when we ride by, every donation, every silent prayer, every offer of assistance and every idea is all appreciated. We could not do this alone!

Thank you all for your kindness in supporting the vision of The Blessing Bike.

(PS – Even though Rosemary’s birthday is not until later in the month, we could not keep the secret last year and gifted her the bike on August 10th. Coincidently, August 10th this year will hold another BIG event for Rosemary – details to follow – it’s exciting!)


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