June 12, 2019


I asked my Mom (Rosemary) the other day if she had any life regrets, or anything she might have done differently.   She said all her experiences made her the person she is today so she would likely not change the course of history.  But, she did have one thing to share…. she wished she would have stayed in touch with one person.  That person is Hercules Latimer.

In 1948 in Cleveland Ohio, my father and mother were double dating and were in a terrible car accident that left the car dangling over a bridge by the rear end.  Everyone was able to get out of the car except Rosemary.

At the same time of the accident, Hercules Latimer, a recently separated WW2 veteran, and army medic, just happened to sleep through his bus stop and departed the bus late for a longer walk home.  During his walk, he heard the cries of a woman in distress and saw the crowds circled around the car dangling over railroad tracks by one wheel.   At that moment, Hercules Latimer sprinted into action. He asked some people to hold him by his heels as he hung upside down and pulled Rosemary from the car through the open window.  Rosemary said she will never forget the beautiful face of Hercules – the man who saved her life.

My grandparents and Rosemary visited Hercules after the accident and expressed their gratitude.  Hercules was a 40-year-old black man and Rosemary was a 21-year-old white woman.   Times were different then.  After the accident, they went their own way.

Rosemary regrets that – she wishes she could have kept in touch.

For a hero named Hercules, we all know there is only one place for you to go when you leave this earth.

Hercules, Rosemary said to save a seat for her next to you……. there’s lots to catch up on.

Thank you, Hercules.

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