Care Warriors

Keep it Real Wednesday

June 5, 2019

Care Warriors – Love YOUR best….

During the time I have been writing this blog, I have heard from many of you with personal messages about your journeys in caring for family members.  I have learned that you Care Warriors may have different backgrounds and stories, but the common ground we share is we are all doing the best we can.

Some of you can care for someone fulltime in your home like we do for Rosemary.   

Bravo to you.

Some of you support your family from afar while they care for someone in their home.

Bravo to you.

Some of you found the best place for your loved one and their complicated care, is to enlist the help of nursing homes and assisted living centers, yet you remain an active part their care team.

Bravo to you.

Some of you made the tough choice to find the best care is not in your own town and you support your loved one long distance.

Bravo to you.

Some of you are navigating resources to try to help your loved one remain independent.

Bravo to you.

The point is: our choices are personal and complicated.  We all do the best we can.  Let’s support each other in our decisions and refrain from judgement.  We don’t know each other’s journeys.

Just love the best you can and keep on caring Care Warriors…

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