Tidbits from Rosemary

Rosemary asked what I was going to write about today and since I didn’t have anything scheduled, I asked her if she had ideas and she said YES PLEASE!

So, today here are some tidbits from Rosemary, in her words

“I have lived through 16 Presidents, a hand full of wars in which American lives were lost, the civil rights movement, the assassination of a president, and our country being attacked on our own soil. I have given birth to 3 children and miscarried 3 children. I have let many people in my life and allowed others to leave when it was time. Through all the ups and downs and pains and hardships, there are some things that remain a constant in my life.

You may live to be as old as me one day but make sure you are wise with your time and be good to others.  Love each other and don’t be afraid to need each other.  Needing someone is not a source of weakness, it is a source of strength to know our limits, and to reach out for help.  

Stop judging others if their story is different than yours. Don’t be afraid of people different than you, instead learn from them.

We all have battles we fight such as loss, illnesses and ailments but we all have the strength to get through if we nurture our bodies physically, keep our moral character strong, and remember to love.

Being kind, loving and good – that’s what it is all about.  God loves you no matter what.   Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

And in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, be kind to one another.

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