Junior Mints

Keep it real Wednesday, April 3, 2019

On Saturday I made a healthy breakfast for Rosemary: Oatmeal with fresh blueberries, toast with jam and almond milk. For lunch, she had a cucumber and tomato salad, applesauce, fresh bread and Propel. Rosemary’s 92 year old body has changed along with her ability to digest certain foods, so I am very careful about Rosemary’s nutrition.

Later on that day, she asked me for something sweet – anything – cake, cookies, candy, chocolate and we had nothing. So, we jumped on the blessing bike and rode to Walgreens a few miles away.

At Walgreens I picked up 10 boxes of our favorite kinds of candy – not to binge all at once – but to build up a stash, in case of chocolate emergency’s like this particular one. My plan was to hide them away and give her a box every now and then, as not to upset her digestive system.

I gave the bag to Rosemary to hold as we peddled back home, not realizing my mistake.

Once we arrived home, I settled Rosemary back into the house, unloaded my bag from Walgreens and found that I purchased a box of Junior Mints what was OPEN and completely empty. I grabbed the phone and told Rosemary that I was going to call Walgreens and let them know about my empty purchase. Rosemary snickered and stopped me. She told me she had eaten the whole box of Junior Mints when we were riding home and put the empty box back in the bag.

6 ounces of Junior mints right under my nose when I was peddling. I am learning new things about my mother every day.

I need to step up my game.

– This photo is from 2010, only proving Rosemary’s mischievousness has extended over many years.

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